17 April 2013

Ochna and other beauties...

Ooooo how beautiful!
Ooooo how strange!!

Two flowers that I have seen commonly evoke such reactions- the Glory Lily and Ochna. I wont go into the botanical details of these, suffice to say that in both these their sepals or petals arch backwards as the flower matures and totally change their colour and appearance. The glory lily is particularly stunning. Here are some photographs. 
Glory lilly, coorg, kodava, glory lily
Glory lily

Ochna obtusata
The lovely Ochna blooms in this manner for about a day. The following days are a marvel to watch...
Here is a glimpse of the changing Ochna over a period of about one month.

You can read more about the Glory Lily here and the Ochna here.

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carol said...

Those are lovely.