12 July 2018

Sea Change (ThursdayTreeLove)

These trees caught my eye in the peak of summer because it seemed as if their bare branches had intertwined to create a black and white painting! This effect continued even as I walked closer to the trees. 

Pune, hills, deciduous

This was on 23rd May 2018. 

Just a few days and a couple of showers later, both had undergone a sea change.. Here are the same two trees on the 18th June 2018. 

02 July 2018


Asha opened her eyes to the sound of chirping birds. Whatever the month, they always heralded the rising sun. It would be quite some time before the milkman arrived but she had much to do before that… Fist open close Fist open close. Elbow bend straighten elbow bend straighten. Raise arms over head Raise arms overhead. Circle ankles twice. Knee to chest right and knee to chest left. Repeat. She slowly turned to her side and got up.

Karagre vasate Laxmi Kar madhe Saraswati Karmule to tu Govindam Prabhate kara darshanam’. So muttering she folded her hands in prayer and got off the bed. 

Her husband continued to snore after one too many last night. It was a long overdue course mates reunion - hence all was forgiven.

She quickly brushed her teeth and swallowed her Thyronorm. At this age, she was grateful to have only a couple of tablets to support her.

To be honest it was not the birds that caught her attention at day break these days. The persistent Illuminate ringtone from the drawing room was what beckoned her out of the bed. The silvery device glowed in the night lamp. It was a smartphone that their daughter in law had practically forced into their lives.

Asha and VS were happy enough with their landline and the ‘small’ mobile for emergencies. However Asha took to this quite easily and it had opened a new world to her. A world she could not otherwise be part of . One where she could stay updated yet silent…

She pulled out the charging cable and switched on the lamp and settled into the rocking chair, wore her reading glasses and unlocked the Apple. The finger easily tapped the green icon.


There were 62 messages from the Maher group, 37 from her Yoga group and a missed video call from Chiku ….  This was her lifeline to the world!

Asha smiled. 

The mandatory one hour fasting post-Thyronorm would pass very easily.
Barathon Badge 2018

I am participating in the third edition of the Bar-a-thon. Today's prompt is "one too many".  One of my few attempts at Fiction which is not really my forte...

28 June 2018

Summer Cooler (ThursdayTreeLove)

Pune is blessed to have several hills located right inside the city itself. They are its lungs as it were and are the pride and joy of the locals. Most of the trees growing here are the deciduous type and the hot scorching months of summer see them reduced to their bare branches. 

One of the only trees giving respite from the brown and golden shades is the Morinda pubescens locally called Bartondi of the Rubiaceae family. It is an evergreen tree and its green velvety leaves are a sight for sore eyes! May is also the month when this tree blossoms and the small star-shaped whitish flowers announce the tree's presence long before one can spot it!