20 September 2016

A Newbie Trekker

Exercise in the form of daily walks has been a part of my lifestyle for almost 20 years now and have unfailingly kept me energised and able to deal with inevitable stresses in our lives. Hiking or trekking would seem to logically go hand in hand with long walks but not for me. I got introduced to treks when I was well into the wrong side of my thirties and then I began to avidly follow articles on this topic in travel magazines and TV programs.

That's how I became a couch-hiker cum trekker ;-)

But Life being what it is, it introduced me to treks as a part of my work and suddenly the pages in magazine and TV images came to life! I was walking on hills, over meadows, through the drifting clouds and enjoying every moment. The sheer joy of wandering out in the open spaces with no real agenda, braving the wind or rain or sun cannot be put into words. What began as outings for a few hours, grew to day long ventures and now I wanted to experience a 'real' multi-day trek that involved tent stay.

That was it.. Yeh Dil Mange More....
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I wanna go there....