13 September 2018

Survivor (ThursdayTreeLove)

Going through old travel photos is a wonderful way to relive the experience. Often the albums throw up surprises - like identifying a flower or tree ..

A relook at my Andaman trip album threw up a few images of trees that have survived the all-destructive Tsunami that hit the region in 2004. 

On Ross Island, we saw this ancient Tree with an incredible root structure. It reminded me of the giant Silk Cotton tree in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru. 
If you zoom into the photo, you can see what may be a strangling Ficus growing on one of the branches. 

An amazing tree that has stood the test of time and Nature's Fury.

Ficus, Andaman, Trees

Ross, Ficus, Andamans, Tree
I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove bloghop. Do head over to see some amazing trees from around the world. 

Better still, if you have a photo of a tree that has caught your eye, then do join us in this bimonthly tree fiesta!

Stay healthy and happy folks!


Alana said...

That tree is a true survivor. Except, perhaps for the Angel Tree in South Carolina (which is right now in the path of a massive hurricane) I don't think we have anything like that in the United States.

bellybytes said...

This was an amazing capture. Do the roots seem like a loving embrace or a strangulating hug?

Archana said...

@Alana I hope the Angel Tree has survived the hurricane.. Thanks for stopping by!

Archana said...

@bellybytes ... Ummmm strangulating hug maybe!! Thanks for stopping by Sunita :-)

Parul said...

Wow! That's incredible. When I went to Andamans, Ross Island was closed so I could not visit the place. If I had, I would have gone crazy over the tree and those roots. Impressive and a true survivor. I am so happy to looked into the archives and spotted this one to share.
Thank you!

Shilpa Nairy said...

Even for me, White silk cotton tree came to mind looking at this tree! I have shared same for this week :) Roots are massive which helped to survive I guess!!

Genevive Angela said...

Wow super click... can see the resilience, something to learn from this tree - that stood despite the challenges ..

Archana said...

Happy to participate in ThursdayTreeLove Parul! :-) Thanks!

Archana said...

That's what I thought too Angela! Thank you!

Archana said...

Yes Shilpa.. I guess the roots helped it survive. Thanks for stopping by!