22 May 2019

Crooked Tree (Wordless Wednesday)

Paro Bhutan Tree Flora

Spotted this tree at the Dochula Pass in Bhutan. 
I wonder why it has grown in this crooked manner?
Any thoughts?


Red said...

There's a scene in one of Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" books (I don't remember which book, unfortunately) where Thursday and her father are sitting in one spot manipulating time, and as trees grow up at a rapid pace around them, the pair press and move the trunks and branches to maintain their space. Maybe that one was a seat for a time traveler!

You visited me during AtoZ and I'm finally getting around to writing a flash fiction based on your prompt. Visit me on Friday to see a story based on your word prompt "tree".
Doesn't Speak Klingon

Archana said...

Wow! This is new to me.. I must try to get hold of that book... Thank you so much Red for taking up my word prompt. Looking forward to your post ! :-) And many Thanks for stopping by..

bellybytes said...

because it wanted to attract attention?

Archana said...

@bellybytes Haha!! Yes.. that is probably true!! :-) Thank you!!