31 July 2019

Clouds (Wordless Wednesday)

Campsite, Trek, Hampta Pass
As the Sun set, and daylight faded, the clouds descended into the valley and would soon envelop our camp! This was at the end of the first day of our trek across the Hampta Pass
I am joining Natasha for  Wordless Wednesday!


Alana said...

I love that mist. It's almost magical.

Natasha said...

Lovely, Archana. I've never been camping and would love to someday. I'm a fan of adventures and this sounds like a perfect one.

Thank you for this awe-inspiring post and linking up with us on #WW.

Archana said...

@Alana I am so happy that you liked this image.. Thank you for stopping by!

Archana said...

@Natasha Happy to participate in #WW .. some days I just forget to link up! Thanks for stopping by!