29 July 2021

Precious Moments (WordlessWednesday)

 Morning walks are a source of delight. For the eyes, mind, soul and ofcourse health benefits!

Here is a glorious rainbow from our walk to the tekdi. 

Feast (ThursdayTreeLove)

 Who would have thought that my tiny balcony would be the site for a feast for birds!! Yes that is what happened when my Wax bonsai was in fruit. Click here to see the photos and video

24 June 2021

Spicy (ThursdayTreeLove)

 Here is tree that I could see because of a query on WhatsApp! Yes, that's right. A group of us ended up going to see this wonderful Dalchini tree thanks to a forwarded image! Click here to read more

13 May 2021

Leaves (WordlessWednesday)

 Leaves are the powerhouse of plants as they produce food by the process of photosynthesis. The shape, arrangements and types of leaves is vast and amazing. Leaves of no two species would be the same. 

Here are some leaves from my balcony garden.

This plant needs extra Nitrogen fertiliser I think..

New leaves of Wrightia ... 

Can you guess this species?

My Bodhi tree glows in the morning sunlight!

Ultra close up of the Premna leaf.. taken with clip on Macro lens

Have you noticed the leaf patterns and arrangements of the plants you meet daily?

I am joining Natasha in her Wordless Wednesday Bloghop!

24 April 2021

Fruit or Bowl (ThursdayTreeLove)

 A tree that bears flowers and fruit on tbe trunk instead of branches.

It's fruit can be a fruit or Bowl! Click here to read more..