26 April 2022

Vanda spathulata

  I am participating in the April AtoZ Blogging challenge and my theme is Plants featured on Indian Stamps. This is my eight attempt at the AtoZ and the focus is on plants. 

My theme is inspired by an online talk by Daniel L Nikrent of Cornell University, USA held by Maharashtra Vriksha Samvardhini about Parasitic Flowering Plants featured on Stamps

I am not a stamp collector nor a fan of stamps. Hence almost all my posts are purely based on research on the internet. I have tried to cross check the info before posting here. Please do share correct info and links to the same in case of discrepancy. 

India Post has a very strong network reaching deep deep into the interiors of the country and I depended on it for news from home when we were posted in far away places.  In this age of smartphones, Internet, how many of us really write letters - snail mail as they are now called? Despite this , I find that new stamps are being issued and we have stamps on diverse topics including Armed Forces, Films, Personalities, Wildlife, Handlooms, Handicrafts and so on.. It is amazing!

Vanda spathulata is a native Orchid belonging to the Orchidaceae family. It is an epiphyte and grows on trees in Southern India. It bears yellow flowers from September to January.

Several years ago, when posted in Assam, I remember seeing trees adorned with a bluish purple orchid and I was told it is called Vanda. Hence seeing this yellow flower was surprising. Some reading showed that the Vanda genus (obviously) has many members and the one I remmber was most probably the Vanda coerulea. I wish I had taken more interest in Botany in those days.. sigh...

Vanda spathulata aka Spoon Leaf Vanda finds a proud place on a India Post stamp issued in 1991 of denomination 5INR.

Post of India, GODL-India <https://data.gov.in/sites/default/files/Gazette_Notification_OGDL.pdf>, via Wikimedia Commons

The India Postage Stamps website  has a complete catalogue of stamps. Please click the link to see many many wonderful stamps.

Colnect is a comprehensive portal for Stamp collectors. It gives detailed information about every listed stamp.  Click here for detailed info about Stamps - what is a stamp, types, formats, water marks, perforations and much more.  

We meet tomorrow for yet another beautiful plant and its stamp!
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Till then, Take Care and Stay Happy!  


moondustwriter said...

The Vanda is a beautiful variety of the orchid. I did not know they were in many colours.
I love the stamp.

Afshan Shaik said...

I feel I may have seen this yellow flowered plants by road side.. next time must observe carefully

Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

Viyoma said...

I am really in awe with your theme. I really wish I could preserve your posts somewhere...Believe it or not....your posts have become our bed time stories now.
My 4.5 year old listens to stamp stories with full interest ( ofcourse , a lil credit to how i narrate too :)

Archana said...

Thank you @moondustwriter 🙏🏻

Archana said...

@Afshan you're so lucky. Do take photos next time!! Thank and have a good day!

Archana said...

@Viyoma Thank you so much! You made my day, month, and year! 😄 You can visit my blog anytime..plus all links are to sites i have used for research. You will get more information there. Kudos and full credit to you to get your child interested in plants/stamps. God bless and all the best!!