25 August 2023

Do Trees Have Emotions? (ThursdayTreeLove)

A recurring thought among ThursdayTreeLove bloggers is .. what if trees could talk? what must they be seeing and feeling? I have expressed such thoughts often as well.

Todays tree has been featured earlier on TTL before. It is a Mulberry (locally called Tooti) . Morus alba of the Moraceae family. 
Its home is in an old apartment complex where the ageing buildings need major revamps that are only possible via redevelopment. The Mulberry grows in the centre of the plot and will certainly be affected in the rebuilding, and this rebuilding is vital for safety and health of the people living there. Obviously, home owners have to temporarily shift elsewhere till works are competed. 
(Local laws mandate trees to be suitably replanted when such redevelopment takes place.) 

For all these years, I have seen the tree grow upright and tall and full of fruit when in season. 

Recently I noticed that the Mulberry seemed to be bowing down, its canopy touching the ground. Yet it is full of fruit. 

Could it be sensing the upcoming changes? Must it be missing the laughter and chatter of people walking in the premises? 

Or is it just a case of being top heavy and its wet branches becoming too heavy for the not very thick trunk to hold up especially in the heavy rain?

Still laden with fruit
What do you think? 

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove blog hop. Do head over to see fantastic trees from around the world. Better still, join in!


Alana said...

I'm one of those bloggers who have wondered. I believe trees can communicate with each other through their root systems and the soil. I am not sure at them knowing (or even caring) what goes on with the humans around them, although I call them witnesses to our history. I suspect your tree is only top heavy. At the very least, and I hope this doesn't sound strange, apologies to the tree may be in order if major damage will be done to the tree. These should be expressed to the tree and feelings of regret should be expressed also.

Archana said...

Such a tender thought @Alana. Yes...feelings of regret must be expressed to the tree!! And I also agree with you that this Mulberry is top heavy!!! Which accounts for the bending. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙏🙏

JoAnna said...

I do believe trees feel emotions, though they are probably different. In this case, I suspect it is top heavy. If the tree has other trees around it can communicate with, it will be okay. Still, it is possible that the tree misses the chatter and human vibes. Thank you for caring. I hope others care, too.

Parul said...

I do wonder what trees think of us and if they could speak. From where I come, Mulberry is called Shehtoot.. My Nani's house had a tree and it used to be laden with the berries but then I was too scared of its dense foliage and I would not dare go near it. Now I long too see a Mulberry tree. Life!!

So glad you joined with this tree. See you around on the 14th! and thank you!

Archana said...

@JoAnna totally agree with you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😇🙏

Archana said...

@Parul happy to participate in TTL! This time i am spoilt for choice on which tree to post! 🤭 hope to post mine soon. Thanks again! 🙏