24 July 2010

Happy Cows

Today's 'Sakal' (the indispensable Marathi daily for Punekars) has an interesting news titled translated as "cleaning machine for cows" (page 3 of the main paper). The cow's expression of pure enjoyment is what caught my eye.

With some help from Google search (who else!) I located this Daily Mail article dated 22 July 2010 published online here (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1296609/The-cow-wash-How-automatic-brushing-machine-improve-milk-production.html).
The article describes how the cow wash designed by DeLaval helped improve milk production while obviously keeping cows happy!

Wow! This is truly spreading benefits of mechanisation to all!


Sneha said...

Wow... what's next ? An automated machine for milking cows perhaps!!

Archana said...

Ha ha!! Thanks Sneha.