15 April 2016

M is for Mimosa

I am writing about herbs in the 2016 April AtoZ blogging challenge. Most of the herbs written in this series are those I have seen or used. Today's herb is one that I had studied many moons ago in school and I am sure most of you would have heard about it or seen it. 

M is for Mimosa pudica most commonly called Touch Me Not belonging to the Mimosaceae family. The plant probably owes its common name and fame to the property of its leaves closing up and drooping when touched. Mimosa has very pretty ball shaped pink flowers. Identifiying this herb is easy, just touch it and you would know! Touch Me Not is called Chui-Mui or Lajwanti and grows extensively in the tropical regions.

AtoZ Herbs, Mimosa, touch me not

Another lovely 'M' herb is Murdannia which grows in the grasslands of the Western Ghats.
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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

The mimosa looks similar too the mimosa trees we have here in Texas. The house I lived at from 11 on up way past adulthood had at one time the 3rd largest mimosa tree in the state.
Happy AtoZing!
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Archana said...

@Barbara - Thanks for stopping by. I am unfamiliar with the tree you have mentioned and I shall certainly look it up! Have a wonderful day :)

Seena said...

Lovely pics. The first pic reminds me of the flower Horton finds the Whos on. In 'Horton hears a who'! :)
#AtoZChallenge- M is for Mischiefa who

Archana said...

Hi Seena! I guess there is a similarity!!! :) Have a great day.

Hill station Reader said...

The flower looks like a Rakhi (^~^)

@dixita011 from
Cafenined words

Ann Bennett said...

It does look the mimosa tree we have in Georgia which is actually a very old invasive species. Here is a link for the tree. http://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/mimosa-silk-tree It's scientific name is much different than the plant you are describing.
I'm enjoying the trip through India with your blog. Cheers.

Archana said...

@Dixita- hehe I did not think of that!!! :) Cheers!

Archana said...

@Thank you Ann for this link. I shall go through it in detail later. I would like to know about flora in that part of the world too. Have a good day! :)

Debbie D. said...

Lovely plants! It's probably too cold to grow those here. There's a cocktail called Mimosa, too, made with orange juice and champagne. Cheers! :)

Archana said...

@Debbie - The Mimosa cocktail sounds delicious! Cheers :)