27 January 2022

Multisensory Experience (ThursdayTreeLove)

Todays post features trees differently.. Rather I am just sharing images of a unique experience that I was lucky to have last month. 

The Chicago Botanic Garden has an annual light festival called Lightscape around Christmas. Our tickets were for a 9PM entry, hence, cold was certainly what I expected but beyond that I really did not know what to look forward to. 

But what I experienced was totally mind blowing. Again, a phone camera is totally inadequate to capture the ambience but that does not stop me from sharing the images. I am sure some of our TTL bloggers from the US would have seen this or similar winter light displays. 

Getting back to the garden, we entered via a lit up archway and then walked on an about 1.25 mile-trail (about 2.01 kms) trail. Different artists had decorated each area in different themes using different lights, music and even other special effects like lasers, music, fire (all with due safety precautions!). 

Coming as I do from a tropical region, walking at below 0Deg C at night was daunting. But our hosts ensured we were warmly and securely clad which made the walk totally enjoyable and memorable. The entire visit was an grand surreal, multisensory experience. 

It was not a walk meant to identify trees. Rather I could appreciate their shapes and growth patterns which were high-lighted by the various lights. 

The moon held its own in the night sky despite the (artificial) million lights glittering below and  we could spot its reflection in the lake as well. 

Here is my humble attempt to capture memories of my visit.

I heavily recommend a visit to this garden at any time of the year and the light show if possible. I am told its tickets get sold out in November itself. 

Image credit to Rajendra Sonarikar. 

The Entrance

The Archway as soon as we entered

Dancing Flowers - each of the 'stems' changed colour and swayed 

Neon tree architecture 

The lights changed colour across the lake even as the flames shed a warm glow in the foreground

Eerily beautiful Willows

The image does not capture freezing cold and wind that we experienced!

The Moon shines brightly 

Here is a video.  The music is from the garden itself. 

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove blog hop.
Do head over to see some fantastic trees from around the world.
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JoAnna said...

I love archways. This one is spectacular. Your experience reminds me of Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina where my husband proposed to me. We have photos, but nothing compares to the real thing. I'm glad you got to enjoy this!

Archana said...

Than you JoAnna! I am glad you liked it. And ..we were to visit Bookgreen Gardens also but somehow it did not work out. You are lucky to have your husband propose to you there! 😇

Alana said...

Sadly, nothing like that show here. I think the nearest one to me might be at the Bronx Zoo/Botanical Gardens in New York City. I would love to see a show like that. Your pictures and videos were a welcome read/listen on a frigid day here in New York State - thank you!

Archana said...

Thank you Alana! :-)

Parul said...

Wow! This is so unique and I had never seen such a tree and light show. I am sure it would have been a lovely experience. Thank you for sharing with us, Archana. Really beautiful. See you soon later in the day. I am a little late to still drafting the post!

Archana said...

Thanks Parul! Happy to participate!! It was a beautiful and unique experience!!

Mascha said...

What a spectacular breathtaking show! Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Germany

Archana said...

Thank you @Mascha! 😊