11 February 2022

Tree Course (ThursdayTreeLove)

Can a trip to a golf course be about anything except golf? 🤔 

Yes.. especially for tree lovers!! 😃

I always look forward to visiting a golf course just for the trees growing there. And yes, most courses will have old trees and depending on the weather, one can see plenty of herbs and flowers as well.

Here are some trees I spotted at a golf course in South Carolina, USA in December 2021. (I drove the cart, tried to identify trees while husband continued to play!!)

His Golf Course was my Tree Course!! 

A grand Oak 

The Ilex fruit added colour to the other wise course in its winter finery

Winter meant most trees had shed foliage. These Lagerstromias clothed in Spanish Moss still managed to show off their colours!

The knee roots of these Cypress trapped any errant ball.  

The blooming Camellia beckoned me to leave the cart and walk up to her!

A glorious Magnolia

I had only my field guide and Google to identify the trees as these species are new to me. TTL bloggers from the US, do share correct IDs if any one is incorrect. Thanks!!

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove bloghop. Do head over to see fantastic trees from around the world. Better still, join in! 


Natasha said...

What a lovely tapestry of trees.

Have you moved countries dear Archana?

Good to be here, it's been a while.


Archana said...

Thanks Natasha! Lovely to see you here. We visited relatives last year - these images from there. We are home in India now!!

JoAnna said...

I'm glad there's still so much nature to explore around this golf course. I'd probably do that, too if my husband golfed.

Alana said...

Some golf courses could double as arboretum (I could say the same for cemeteries!) I don't live in South Carolina but I've visited a number of times. From what I can tell, the ID's are OK, except maybe for the oak, and it's only that I can't tell that one for sure. Camillas are so beautiful that I've tried to grow one where I live in New York State. I didn't succeed. I also love crepe myrtles (Lagerstromias)and those can actually grow near the ocean in the New York City area where I grew up, but, again, not where I live. These won't bloom until later in the year while camillas, of course, are winter bloomers.

Archana said...

@JoAnna yes, one has to play or accompany a player to 'see' the golf course trees. Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

Archana said...

@Alana Thanks for the id confirmation. I will try to add a close up of the big tree that I think is an Oak. Maybe you can take a look some time. Happy to have TTL friends from across the world! :-)

Parul said...

Lovely! You made the most of your time there for sure, Archana :) Thank you for sharing and see you around later in the day!

Archana said...

☺️ Thanks Parul!! 🙏🏻