26 October 2023

Another Castle Tree (ThursdayTreeLove)

The post title is a spoiler to today's tree .. ..

It has its home in the famous Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. As such I did not see many trees inside and being a hot sunny day the cool shadow of this tree was a magnet for everyone. 

We had a wonderful guide to tell us the story and history of the Castle but.. he did not know the name of the  tree. The Castle staff too could not help.

I could see that it was a Maple of some kind. I now enjoy trees just for themselves but knowing their botanical name is always better!! 


Our guide promised to find out and let me know. I did not have much hope but surprise surprise.. he sent a word next day that the tree is indeed a Maple. A Norway Maple he said. 

I said a mental thank you to him! 

Here is the tree. It grows right outside the CafĂ© on the road that gently climbs to the top. Do see it whenever you visit the Castle in Edinburgh!! 

The Castle was very crowded hence it was practically impossible to photograph the tree by itself. Every tree image I have includes tourists. 

Maples do not grow in Pune and I have only met them in my travels. I love them for the beautiful leaves and the lovely colours they wear in Fall every year. 

Google search tells me that Norway Maple is the Acer platanoides of the Sapindaceae family.

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove bloghop. Do head over to see some fantastic trees from around the world. Better still, join in.

A couple of images of the Castle..

View from the Castle


Alana said...

Interesting that you found this inside castle grounds. Although they thrive in urban settings, they are also considered invasive in various parts of the United States (including my area) because of their aggressive spreading. Having said that, they do provide lots of shade.

https://linsartyblobs.blogspot.com said...

It is a lovely tree. Tourists are always getting in the way of a good shot, aren't they?

joannaoftheforest said...

On a hot sunny day the cool shadow of this tree was a magnet for everyone, reminds us how important trees are! I bet this magnificent tree has seen a lot. Maybe it was around when the castle was built, or more than a tourist attraction. Great post!

Archana said...

@Alana Thank you!

Archana said...

@linn Hehe... I was a tourist there.. so cant really complain.. Thanks for stopping by!

Archana said...

@JoAnna You are so right!! Thank you!

Parul said...

That's a happy green tree and I can imagine it would have been such a relief for visitors. Kind of the guide to come back on the name for you. Thanks so much for joining Archana. I missed the last edition but i am working on the one for tomorrow. :)

Chandra Lynn said...

Nice tree and nice of the guide to get back to you!

Archana said...

@Parul! Yes indeed! Our guide "John' was indeed extremely professional and friendly. Happy to be part of TTL Parul! Thank you!!

Archana said...

@Chandra Yes.. I really appreciated his effort. Thanks for stopping by!